Professeur de Cuisine



January: Paolo Casagrande-'LASARTE RESTAURANT'- ESP-Barcelona

The Italian chef brings his Mediterranean passion, depth of commitment and exceptional consistency to the table.

Paolo Casagrande says that loving his work is the best recipe and learning with the best keeps his love for creating charismatic cuisine burning. He draws his inspiration from many different sources, including the products he is working with, the climate, the season, travel, and the people around him.

His aim, he says, is to create emotions by using contrasts in products.

February: Gilad Peled-'LE PRESSOIR D'ARGENT GORDON RAMSAY', F- Bordeaux

Success was a long time coming for 31-year-old Gilad Peled, but now that it’s here he’s wasted no time. With his dogged determination to follow his passion for food and his dedication to being the best in class, he now feels supremely comfortable after taking up the reins at Le Pressoir d’Argent Gordon Ramsay where his excitement is palpable and the Franco-British cuisine with Gilad’s Israeli influence features the best fresh and seasonal produce available.

March: Nick Bril-'THE JANE' , BEL- Antwerpen

Nick Bril began working for three Michelin-starred chef Sergio Herman’s Oud Sluis restaurant and became "infected by the rock & roll virus“. This essentially means trying to be incredibly close to perfection and at the same time creating an easy-going, chilled ambience far removed from the stiff atmosphere that pervades many restaurants at this level. “The mixture of fine dining, artists and designers makes my job as an entrepreneur one of the most thrilling and challenging jobs imaginable.“

April:Mingoo Kang-'MINGLES', Seoul, Südkorea

Though still in his early 30s, chef Mingoo Kang has already built up an impressive résumé beyond Korea. Kang’s cuisine reflects his sense of duty for bringing his international experience to the table.

“It’s hard to make Korean food exciting for Korean customers but they can discover new aspects of it through my approach to it. For non-Koreans I want to provide something special that would otherwise only be available in Korea.

May:Johannes King-'SÖL´RING HOF', D- Sylt

Originally, Johannes King wanted to become a glassblower. Luckily that didn’t work out for him. Instead he started training as a chef and discovered his passion for a fine palate and pure flavours. Sustainability is the essence that teaches us to enjoy again. To consciously savour the best seasonal products which are only available for a short time. “As a consumer, you just have to get used to the fact that not everything is available all the time. So sustainability means doing without!”

June: Jari Vesivalo-'OLO', FIN-Helsinki 

Jari Vesivalo is the man behind the beautifully executed food at Olo in Helsinki. Famed for his talent for balance and a light touch, Vesivalo describes Olo’s gastronomy as simplistic and natural. In his words, “The less you’ve got on your plate, the more carefully it has to be prepared.” He has a strong passion for Finnish nature and its unique beauty which is artfully reflected in every dish on the restaurant’s menu. Every dish is part of a huge puzzle where all the pieces have to fall perfectly into place.

July: Sven Wassmer-'Silver Restaurant', CH-Vals

The young man from the Frick Valley has found his culinary home in Vals and he has revolutionised Alpine cuisine in the quaint village in the Grison Alps in his own way. Sven Wassmer finds his own path to connecting regionality with cosmopolitanism; it’s impossible not to see influences from all the continents. So based on the maxim “think global, act local”, he relies whenever possible on small, local producers and adapts his menus to each season.

August: Ikarus Team-'Restaurant Ikarus', A-Salzburg

From culinary diversity to inspirational indulgence. Every month sees another top chef creating exquisite dishes at the Restaurant Ikarus. In the festival month of August, the kitchen team, headed by Executive Chef Martin Klein, will showcase an outstanding combination encompassing its extensive experience, variety of styles and intense pleasure in creating new compositions. The result is a fantastic menu with unparalleled culinary sophistication.

September: Mats und Ebbe Vollmer-'VOLLMERS', SWE-Malmö

Mats and Ebbe Vollmer are descended from five generations of restaurateurs. The kitchen of their grandmother’s hostelry in Östarp was their culinary kindergarten where, from an early age and with her enthusiastic encouragement, they not only tasted but tried their hands at cooking the traditional delicacies of the Skåne region. They hone their methods every day to achieve this, totally without compromise and with an unswerving focus on serving food that is closest to their own hearts.

October: David Kinch-'Manresa', USA-Los Gatos

David Kinch has been internationally recognised as an innovator of a new contemporary Californian cuisine and his food draws on his deep understanding of classical cooking combined with his travels in Asia and an openness to try anything. He is shy of categorising his food but concedes that “the complex simplicity, platings, using nearly no fat but still leaving people sated” do betray some Japanese influence. He truly believes that the single most important thing on a plate of food is balance.

November: Best of Niederlande

Restaurant Ikarus welcomes a quartet of distinguished guest chefs from the Netherlands in November 2018 and with 8 Michelin stars between them they bring a wealth of experience and flair to the table. Each has carved out his own niche in Dutch cuisine and continues to evolve his own inimitable style with the best ingredients the Netherlands has to offer. Find out for yourself what “Going Dutch” really means!

Jannis Brevet

Jacob Jan Boerma

Richard van Oostenbrugge

Michael van der Kroft


December: Julian Royer-'ODETTE',SGP-Singapur

According to Julien Royer, he owes everything that he is to his family, especially his grandmother, Odette. It was she who showed him that the most remarkable dishes could come from the purest ingredients and that adding that “little something” would create dishes to excite the palate and fill the heart. Her influence continues to inspire the “Odette experience” at the restaurant which Royer named in tribute to her. This is where he demonstrates a lifelong respect for seasonality, terroir and artisanal produce which is embodied in his Modern French or “essential” cuisine.

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France - Christoph Muller                   USA - Daniel Boulud
India -Manish Mehotra   Salzburg -Ikarus Team
Austria -*Best of ViennaMexico -Jorge Vallejo
Portugal -José AvillezDanemark -Nicolai Nørregaard
Great Britain -Isaac McHaleSpain -Quique Dacosta
Germany -Thomas BühnerNetherlands -Sidney Schutte


* „Best of Vienna“: Heinz Reitbauer, Paul Ivic, Markus Mraz, Silvio Nickol

More informations:

Guest Chefs 2016

Greece - Dimitris Pamporis          Salzburg - in honor of Eckart Witzigmann "75"*
Faroe-Islands -Poul Andreas ZiskaSalzburg -Ikarus Team
San Francisco -Dominique CrennNetherlands -Syrco Bakker
Belgium -Sang-Hoon DegeimbreMoscow -Vladimir Mukhin
Bangkok -Prin PolsukGermany -Christian Bau
France -Alexandre CouillonDenmark -Søren Selin


*"6  students of Eckart Witzigmann ":Hans Haas, Harald Wohlfahrt , Bobby Bräuer, Marc Haeberlin, Karlheinz Hauser, Roland Trettl 



Guest Chefs 2015

Peru - Virgilio Martínez          South Africa - Luke Dale-Roberts
England - Vineet BhatiaAustralia -Ben Greeno
Belgium -Gert de MangeleerNetherlands -Richard van Oostenbrugge
Germany -Harald WohlfahrtUSA -Christopher Kostow
Croatia -Tomislav GretićSalzburg -Ikarus Team
Norway -Esben Holmboe BangSwitzerland  -Peter Knogl



Guest Chefs 2014

Singapore - André Chiang               England - Sat Bains
Spain -Paco PérezSalzburg -Ikarus Team
France -Alexandre GauthierNew York -Matthew Lightner
Slovenia -Ana Roš Denmark -Jesper Kirketerp & Rasmus Kliim 
Chile -Rodolfo GuzmánBelgium -Kobe Desramaults
Sweden -Magnus EkPortugal -Hans Neuner





Guest Chefs 2013

Italy - David Scabin               China - Richard Ekkebus
Mexico -Enrique OlveraSalzburg -Ikarus Team
France -Bertrand GrébautAustralia -Brent Savage
Great Britain -Claude BosiGermany  -Klaus Erfort
Thailand -Dylan Jones & Bo SongvisavaBelgium -Part de Porter
Spain -Eneko AtxaNetherlands -Jannis Brevet



Guest Chefs 2012

Great Britain - Nuno Mendes          France - Pascal Barbot
Germany -Tim RaueSalzburg -Ikarus Team
Singapore -Ryan CliftDenmark -Rasmus Kofoed
Switzerland  -Tanja GranditsAustralia -Peter Gilmore
Italy -Pino LavarraNetherlands -Jacob Jan Boerma
USA -Daniel PattersonSpain -Ramon Freixa




Guest Chefs 2011

Italy   - Enrico und Roberto Cerea               Belgium - Peter Goosens
Switzerland  -Marcus G. LindnerSalzburg -Ikarus Team
Germany  -Claus-Peter LumppChina -Alvin Leung
USA  -Daniel HummSpain -Xavier Pellicer for Santi Santamaria
Russia  -Anatoly KommSweden -Björn Frantzén & Daniel Lindeberg 
France  -Emmanuel RenautBrazil -Helena Rizzo & Daniel Redondo




Guest Chefs 2010

Italy - Stefano Baiocco  Spain - Joan & Jordi Roca
Spain -Marcelo Tejedor  Austria -Heinz Reitbauer, Thomas Dorfer
Switzerland -Heiko NiederNetherlands -Sergio Herman
South Africa  -David HiggsFinnland -Hans Välimäki
Germany  -Cornelia PolettoGermany -Sven Elverfeld
Thailand -Nicolas Schneller & Supanut KhanarakFrance -Mauro Colagreco



Guest Chefs 2009

USA - Kenneth Oringer                  Italy - Antonio Cannavacciuolo
Spain  -Dani GarcíaSalzburg -Roland Trettl
Switzerland  -Andreas CaminadaVietnam -Didier Corlou
Thailand  -Ian Pongtawat ChalermkittichaiDenmark -René Redzepi
France  -Thierry MarxUSA -Grant Achatz
Portugal  -Joachim KoerperChina -Paul Pairet



Guest Chefs 2008

Singapore  - Sam Leong                    USA - Joël Antunes
Germany -Christian JürgensFrance -Gérard Depardieu
South Africa  -Margot JansePeru -Gastón Acurio
Italy -Massimo BotturaJapan -Stefan Mörth und Kenichiro Ooe
Thailand -Norbert KostnerCanada -Normand Laprise
Switzerland  -Horst PetermannSweden -Danyel Couet & Paul Svensson



Guest Chefs 2007

Germany - Mario Lohninger                     Netherlands - Jonnie Boer
Canada -Susur LeeUSA -Gary Danko
USA  -Marcus SamuelsonItaly -Andrea Berton
Majorca  -Marc FoshAustralia -Greg Malouf
Russia  -Rainer SiggFrance -Jean-Marie Gautier
Indonesia -Heinz von HolzenSalzburg -Roland Trettl



Guest Chefs 2006

Germany  - Juan Amador                Australia - Yoshi Ryuichi
USA  -Gabriel KreutherSalzburg -Roland Trettl
England -Vivek SinghSpain -Andrés Madrigal Garcia
Hong Kong -Gianluigi BonelliChina -Jin Jee Zhang
South Africa  -Frank ZlomkeFrance -Jean Georges Klein
Canada -Robert FeenieBrazil -Alex Atala



Guest Chefs 2005

Germany - Ralf Zacherl                        USA - Christian Delouvrier
France -Marc HaeberlinSalzburg - Roland Trettl
USA -Wolfgang von WieserItaly -Gennaro Esposito
Spain -Xavier PellicerChina -Jereme Leung
Switzerland -Eduard HitzbergerGermany -Dieter Müller
Australia  -Cheong LiewMexico -Martha Ortiz Chapa



Guest Chefs 2004

Salzburg  - Roland Trettl                              Italy - Norbert Niederkofler
Switzerland  -Martin DalsasseGermany -Thomas Kammeier
Italy  -Carlo CraccoUSA -Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Portugal  -Dieter KoschinaAustralia -David Thompson
Switzerland -André Jaeger England -Rainer Becker
Luxembourg  -Lea LinsterUSA -Gray Kunz



Guest Chefs 2003

Majorca - Gerhard Schwaiger
Germany -Jörg Sackmann
Salzburg -Roland Trettl