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The Munich Tumour Centre's cooking app with tips and recipes from the field of top gastronomy from Eckart Witzigmann, Hans Haas, Martin Fauster and Tohru Nakamura.


Top gastronomy at home: HealthFood cooking app

Healthy, creative and culinary – under the motto "Stars cooking for health" in the free HealthFood recipe app cancer patients find many tasty dishes from star chefs Eckart Witzigmann, Hans Haas, Martin Fauster and Tohru Nakamura. The informative pictures and inspiring videos e.g. on chopping an onion, deboning fish and cleaning chanterelle mushrooms make cooking, serving and eating food particularly enjoyable.

All recipes and cooking tips are adapted to the special requirements of cancer patients. They come directly from the field of top gastronomy and are supplemented with information from nutritional counselling. Whether recipes low in calories are of interest to you for losing weight or stabilisation of weight, or energy-rich dishes for gaining weight - the app provides tasty ideas for every phase in life. Specific tips are also offered in this app for cancer patients who are only able to eat small quantities at a time but therefore eat a number of meals throughout the day, as well as valuable tips and recommendations for protein -rich recipes to help make a requirements-based nutrition easier to achieve.

In the mobile collection of recipes there are starters, main dishes and desserts with ingredients lists as well as step-by-step cooking instructions with clear photos. The instructions can also be listened to in an audio format. The app shows how long each recipe takes to prepare before being able to serve it and enjoy. All ingredients can be transferred to a shopping list. It is also possible to save a recipe to your list of favourites. The app can also be used to calculate quantities for more guests. For each recipe there is an introduction on the health-promoting impact of the food, the ingredients and/or cancer-specific aspects. These have been written by nutritionist Veronika Flöter who runs the TZM Nutrition Consultation Service.

The app is intended to contribute to healthy and tasty nutrition. It is available for free for iPhone and Android users. The nutrition teams at TZM and the Witzigmann Academy hope you enjoy shopping for the ingredients and cooking with them - bon appetit!




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