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Can PPE face shields be made sustainably? SUSTAINABILITY AND FINE DINING

Using Prevented Ocean Plastic in their kitchens thus meets both their sustainability and quality standards. Due to the Coronavirus, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks and protective face shields are now recommended to be used by chefs. After plastic packaging experts at Groupe Guillin carried out rigorous tests to choose the best material for the face shields, recycled plastic supplied by Bantam Ltd and certified by Ocean Cycle through the Prevented Ocean Plastic™ program was chosen for its superior quality and clarity. As a result Prevented Ocean Plastic has now been incorporated into over  one million visors. These visors or face shields can be worn both in and out of the kitchen,  and will be used by Michelin starred chefs who feel just as passionate about their food as they do about protecting the environment and supporting the circular economy.  

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