Professeur de Cuisine



Christopher Kostow,*** The Restaurant at Meadowood, St.Helena, USA

“The art of cookery is naturally about taste – but outstanding food is more than that. Christopher Kostow proves that award-winning cuisine goes beyond creating exciting dishes and harmonious combinations of ingredients. The art of cookery is about responsibility: Kostow demonstrates his social commitment by promoting cultivation of regional products and researching and verifying the origins of the ingredients he uses very thoroughly,” explained Eckart Witzigmann, announcing the jury’s decision.

Astrid & Gastón Acurio, Astrid & Gastón,Lima ,Peru



“Astrid Gutsche and Gastón Acurio are no ordinary restaurateurs: With the courage to restore the original idea of ​​haute cuisine with local ingredients and recipes, they are the culinary world of an entire country. Gastón Acurio focuses on the fundamental values of cooking: quality, creativity and regionality. His social commitment, which aims to use culinary creations to develop his country into a brand and lead it to prosperity, merits the award for the ‘Innovation’,” explained Eckart Witzigmann, announcing the jury’s decision.

Union Square Greenmarket & Günter Seeger,* NYC



The Union Square Market is a pioneer of the first hour. Almost two generations ago, he courageously sets a new one for the mainstream

Trend against: fresh, good, sustainably cultivated products instead of "plastic food" - and that in the middle of the metropolis. This idea sets the market and it makes school. He manages to expand his offer and increase his level to this day. Without Günter Seeger, the green markets would not be what they are today. Growing up in the Black Forest with its diverse products and markets, the cook still helps farmers in the USA with advice and action. He brings her best products on the plate. He does not put them in the service of "his kitchen", but he uses his cooking skills to help the products to their optimum taste. He combines this unmistakable signature with an extraordinary sense of atmosphere and dramaturgy: a menu by Günter Seeger is nothing more than "Sgt. Peppers "on the plate - bright, clear and captivating.

The pioneers Union Square Market and Günter Seeger point the way to inspiring, sustainable and tasty food.

Danny Meyer & Suzanne Cupps,
Union Square Hospitality Group & Restaurant Untitled  Whitney Museum, NYC



Young, urban gastronomy based on fresh regional products

“Suzanne Cupps and Danny Meyer represent a young urban gastronomy that skilfully combines creative culinary art and modern hospitality,” explained Eckart Witzigmann, announcing the jury’s decision. “Their focus on simple natural ingredients from across the region, cultivated in the most sustainable way possible, is 100 percent in line with the ECKART philosophy.”

Danny Meyer is an entrepreneur with a feel for strong concepts and quality. He heads the successful Union Square Hospitality Group, which includes some of the most popular and successful restaurants in New York City, including the Union Square Cafe, the Gramercy Tavern and The Modern at the MoMA. His restaurants offer more than just good food; he creates an exceptional experience for guests of all generations, not just for a specific target group. His restaurants are places where people come together to enjoy themselves. He finds spaces and opens them up to new possibilities: It is thanks to him that museum gastronomy has embraced a young and attractive cuisine.

A good example of this is the Whitney Museum, home to the “Untitled” restaurant, where Suzanne Cupps has been chef since 2017. As Union Square Hospitality Group’s only female executive chef, Cupps brings a breath of fresh air to the museum and its cuisine. In a casual but elegant atmosphere, she presents subtly aromatic dishes based on fresh and sustainably-cultivated seasonal products. After graduating, the up-and-coming chef initially wanted to be a maths teacher. Now, she brings her sense of clarity and precision to the kitchen, where her gentle and respectful handling of basic products has created her own inimitable style.


Alumni Alice Waters



Alice Waters opened the first Slow Food restaurant with local and sustainable products in the USA in 1971 and is Vice President of Slow Food International. The pioneer in her area founded the “Edible Schoolyard” program in 1995 with the aim of improving nutrition education in American schools. Since then, 5,625 school gardens have been built, through which Waters has introduced students worldwide to the topic of healthy nutrition and the sustainable use of resources.


Pressrelease: download ECKART 2018 award ceremony in New York